Apr 10

Tony Romo lands nomination for Sports Emmy

After just one season as the top color man for CBS Sports’ NFL coverage in 2017, Tony Romo has been nominated for an Emmy award.

The broadcasting giant announced this news on Wednesday.

According to 247 Sports, Romo will be competing against Kirk Herbstreit, John Smoltz as well as fellow CBS peers Gary Danielson and Brad Nessler for the award.

Of course, one of the reasons Ballard might feel this way is that in the end the Colts came out smelling like roses. Instead of landing the offensive coordinator of the team that lost Super Bowl LII, they signed the offensive coordinator of the winning team, former Philadelphia Eagles coach Frank Reich. Still, it’s pretty interesting that the team that was most impacted by the situation that triggered this potential change didn’t want it to begin with.

Fast forward a couple months and Redskins head coach Jay Gruden had this to say when asked if the team is now better off with Smith.

Yeah, without a doubt, Gruden said, per John Keim of ESPN. I don’t want to compare two players, but we’re always trying to be better at every position. We got better. Alex’s experience is well-noted, and his record the last five years is what it is. You could argue that all day, but we feel very good.

These remarks must be a bit of a gut punch to Cousins, who did the team no wrong while patiently playing under franchise tender for the last two seasons.

But ultimately, Washington allowed Cousins to walk. Accordingly, the Redskins made a smart move in acquiring Smith who would have been snatched up quickly by any team in need should he have officially hit the trade block.broncos_023-500x500

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