Vikings fans warned to be careful around Eagles fans in Philadelphia

Vikings fans headed to Philadelphia for Sunday’s NFC championship game, be forewarned: Eagles fans are a hard-core bunch.

Still, people can change. It’s been years since Philly fans were blasted for booing Michael Irvin as he lay motionless on the field after a hard hit (they actually were booing Deion Sanders, by the way). It’s been years since an enthusiastic fan fired off a flare gun in the stands.

The Eagles even released a humorous video during the holiday season, essentially apologizing to Santa for that infamous 1968 snowball incident at old Franklin Field.

Meanwhile, Minnesota Public Radio is preparing for Sunday’s big game by paying tribute to some Philadelphia musical artists such as Hall & Oates and The Roots, mixed among some of Twin Cities’ best such as Prince. This is definitely going to be a clash of cultures.

The wild-card round of the NFL playoff schedule featured six teams that didn’t make the postseason last year only the Chiefs and Falcons returned as contenders. The Titans, Rams, Bills, Jaguars, Panthers and Saints were the relative newcomers hoping to advance to Round 2. The wild-card results sent Kansas City, Los Angeles, Buffalo and Carolina back home.

The Patriots, Steelers, Eagles and Vikings clinched first-round byes for the playoffs and hosted games in the divisional round. The Patriots, Eagles and Vikings won at home in order to advance and host conference title games, sending the Titans, Falcons and Saints packing. The Steelers, however, lost to the Jaguars at home in the divisional round.sabres_1395

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