Feb 05

The Vikings started well, with Case Keenum completing his first three passes for 48 yards and hitting tight end Kyle Rudolph on a 25-yard touchdown play.

The Minnesota Vikings picked up where they left off last week, scoring on their first drive in the NFC championship game against the Eagles in Philadelphia. But the Eagles struck right back and they just kept on striking.

Behind the 352 passing yards of Nick Foles, the Eagles rolled into a Super Bowl LII matchup with the New England Patriots, with a 38-7 victory.

But then a pass intended for Adam Thielen was intercepted by Patrick Robinson and returned 50 yards for a touchdown and the Vikings were finished.

I managed to land him in two leagues from the waiver wire. Even owners who have a solid tight end should consider grabbing Olsen to have as another flex option. While the Panthers do have some tough matchups remaining, games against the Jets and Packers and Buccaneers certainly have appeal. And truth is, even in the tough matchups, Olsen likely warrants being in the lineup as he’s QB Cam Newton’s top target when healthy.

Mitchell is also very effective at driving layups (202 of his 703 shots on the season, 56.4 eFG%), on the catch-and-shoot (73 shots, 71.9 eFG%) and working over screens (66 shots, 60.6 eFG%). Meanwhile, he is not nearly as effective off the dribble, shooting only 36.6 eFG% on 123 pull-up jumpers and 39.7 eFG% on 34 catch-and-shoot relocating situations, where he has to dribble before putting up the shot.

This is a massive improvement for the rookie Mitchell over what he was doing just two years ago as a high school player, when he was primarily just a power dunker as illustrated below by ESPN’s Mike Schmitz, but it’s still a distinct step back in primary perimeter scoring ability compared with Hayward.

“I’m doing this because I love racing, and I love competing,” Alonso said. “If those races and that competition happens in iconic places and big names in motorsport like Daytona Speedway, it’s even more attractive.jaguars_044

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