Feb 24

Moving to Boston really should not harm these fantastic numbers, by the way.

Despite the lack of power, the Red Sox finished 10th in runs scored across both leagues last season, with a deep crew of batsmen who reach base. If Martinez hits another 45 home runs, he could drive home more than 120 runs. Let us say 35 and 100 are safer benchmarks, considering the propensity for missed games, but again, we do not project even those power numbers for many players, especially in cooperation with batting average. That is still really, really good and worthy of being a second anchor hitter to any fantasy squad.

In 2017, we saw Case Keenum go from Jared Goff’s underwhelming placeholder in Los Angeles to an instrumental piece in the Vikings’ run to the NFC title game. Jonathan Cooper developed from possible washout after stops with the Cardinals and Patriots to a useful starter on the Cowboys’ offensive line. Nick Foles became a Super Bowl MVP months after contemplating retirement.

It doesn’t always work out. Phillip Dorsett upgraded from the Colts’ unsure quarterback situation to a spot catching passes from Tom Brady but still has the fewest receptions of his short career in 2017. Former No. 2 pick Greg Robinson continued to underwhelm after moving from the Rams to the Lions.

According to Nick Kypreos, we should not be surprised if Erik Karlson’s traded within the next nine days. Here is his report on Hockey Night in Canada in full.

I keep getting told the same thing, and that is don’t be surprised if Erik Karlson’s traded within the next nine days. Now Chris, you mentioned last week, we know where the Ottawa Senators stand, they want to get the message out that he’s unavailable. But as one general manager told me yesterday, if you’re not prepared to make him the highest paid player, — and their is a belief that he could get there — then why would you not explore the maximum value on his return? And we know that it’s going to be this trade deadline. His contract doesn’t expire until 2019, teams will be trading for at least two opportunities to win a Cup opposed to one at the draft.

Kypreos does not mention that any specific teams are in on Karlsson, only that the Senators’ reluctance to pay the defenseman his full due may result in them moving him should they reconsider their stance.

This season, Karlsson has put up 40 points in 52 games with the Senators. The 27-year-old defenseman has just five goals on the season, a far cry from his 17 he put up last season and the 16 he had a year before. Karlsson was asked, along with the rest of the Senators, to give up his no-trade list back in December, but all signs indicated that he was likely to stay.bears_275

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