Mar 27

Jackson already names Taylor starting QB

If the Cleveland Browns draft a quarterback with one of the two picks they have in the top four of the upcoming NFL Draft, the rookie will not be competing for a starting job this summer.

The Broncos might have come closest by bringing on Case Keenum, but his two-year deal hardly removes the position from consideration for GM John Elway.?The Browns (traded for Tyrod Taylor), Jets (brought back Josh McCown and added Teddy Bridgewater), Bills (signed AJ McCarron)?and Cardinals (signed Sam Bradford) all still look to be squarely in the hunt for a quarterback.

After dispatching Taylor and moving up to the No. 12 slot in the first round via a trade, the Bills have given every signal they’re clearing a path to the top of the draft for a quarterback, with McCarron serving as a stopgap solution at best. With another first-round pick (No. 22) and five of the first 65 selections, Buffalo has the?combination of motivation and ammo?to make a big move and jump the likes of the Browns, Broncos and Jets for the passer of its choice. New York, meanwhile, might be able to scrape by with McCown and Bridgewater on one-year deals, but a move into the top three would help ensure a shot at a quarterback of the team’s liking.

Hidalgo says he’s been training Kaep every single day since January 2017 — adding, “We haven’t stopped throwing, training and preparing.”

“To say he’s dedicated is an understatement… Even when we’re traveling we put in that work.”

The Bengals obliged in an effort to make an “all in” type of effort on offense in 2018. And no other team would know better than the Bengals what Eifert’s injury history is, how healthy he is now, and what he can be this season.?

“There have been guys that go through injury stretches that came out of it and other guys that constantly have it,” Bengals director of player personnel Duke Tobin said at the NFL Scouting Combine in February. “It’s not for?me to sit here and say he’s going to be hurt next year, or he’s not going to be hurt next year, I don’t know that. We’ll get the doctor’s?opinions, the ones that did work on him, and see what they have to say and how Tyler feels. Those will be all?components of what we do?going forward.”ravens_013

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